• 着物の金曜!Kimono no Kinyou! Announcing Kimono Fridays at WAYO!


    Kimono are too beautiful to be left folded in a trunk or hanging in a closet! That's why every Friday at WAYO is Kimono no Kinyou, or Kimono Friday! We will be posting photos of us in kimono every Friday on our blog, so stay tuned! We also want you to join in the fun. You don't have to have a full kimono to participate--you could just wear a haori (kimono jacket) over your Western clothes or carry a bag made from kimono silk. However you choose to incorporate kimono into your Fridays, we want to see it! Send us pictures of your own Kimono Fridays to have a chance to win an amazing gift from WAYO! You can send them to us via email (info@wayotextiles.com) or post them to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/wayotextiles). We can't wait to see what you are doing with your kimono!

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