• Deconstructing Kimono

    In order to save the most fabric from a kimono, we carefully deconstruct it by ripping its painstakingly hand sewn seams. Through this process, we have come to be in awe of the incredible sewing skills of kimono makers. Most kimono are hand sewn and the stitching is impeccable. Each seam is perfectly straight and each stitch evenly spaced apart. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of sewing will be able to appreciate how difficult as task that is. And the knots...I could spend an entire day waxing philosophical about the knots that hold together a kimono. They are at once delicate and strong, tight, but not so tight as to cause puckering--the seams lay completely flat. The knots are reinforced using a tiny square scrap between the knot and the kimono fabric. These knots have held these kimono together for decades and are nearly impossible to remove.

    While taking apart kimono, I often think about the woman or man who originally sewed these pieces together. They probably never could have imagined that someone in a studio in Ireland would be admiring their handiwork generations later. Here's hoping that people will be enjoying this kimono's next life as a WAYO product for generations to come.

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